HBS Core or MBA数学: Do’s and Don’ts for MBA Applicants

MBA申请者经常问我们,他们是否应该制作一份“另类成绩单”,以充实自己的简历,以达到入学目的. 每一个顶尖的MBA项目都希望申请者能证明自己能够处理商学学位的分析课程. 选修一门额外的数学课程, 比如哈佛商学院的核心或MBAMath, 是向招生委员会证明申请人能够胜任项目工作的理想方式吗. 

“申请者应该尽最大努力争取顶尖商学院的席位, because you know for sure your competition is,“共享 玛格丽特, Senior Consultant on the Stacy Blackman Consulting team.

Like any facet of the MBA admissions process, deciding whether and what type of ancillary course to take is strategic. “Different things are right for different people,“共享 贝丝, 他曾是凯洛格商学院的招生官,现任史黛西·布莱克曼咨询团队的高级顾问.

When to consider 哈佛商学院的核心 or MBA数学

MBA申请者要同时处理很多事情:申请、测试和专业工作. We don’t recommend taking ancillary courses just because you have time or money to burn because there’s always an opportunity cost; for example, we want our clients to focus on quality essays, 职业发展, 以及其他优先领域.

Applicants should consider taking an ancillary course only when absolutely necessary. We often recommend the right-fit course if a combination of the following apply:

  • Low GPA from college such as under 3.2
  • Low quantitative score, about 70% or lower, on the GRE or GMAT
  • 大学时期,微积分、统计学等基础数学课程的成绩是“b”或“更差”
  • 人文或文科专业在大学没有或很少接触高水平数学
  • Only took Calculus and Statistics in high school but not since then
  • 在金融以外的非传统领域工作,或者没有繁重的工作量
  • On a waitlist and need every little push to get off of it
  • Any of the above apply and also aiming for a top 25 MBA program

请求免费咨询 from a SBC Principal to get guidance on if we recommend an ancillary course

Here, we outline factors to consider:

哈佛商学院的核心 MBA数学 University Extension/ Accredited Program Courses
分级(是/否) No No 是的
应用程序要求 是的,但几乎都被录取了 No No
分级等效 High Honors (best 15%), Honors (second 15%), Pass, Fail Report exam scores as proxy for grades 成绩单上显示的实际成绩
评分标准 Scores and participation: 75% quiz/ exam scoring and 25% participation and peer help MBA数学成绩单列出了课程分数,但没有将它们合并成一个整体成绩. Combine the lesson scores to compute an overall average. 考试 & 家庭作业
时间的承诺 7–20 hours per week, 150-hours total 20 - 40小时 75小时 
成本 2250* $149 $800-$1000
困难 容易 媒介
持续时间 8至12周 灵活的 1 - 3个月
课程重点 互动,以案例研究为基础,涵盖商业分析,经济学,财务会计 Self-paced lessons in finance, accounting, economics, statistics and spreadsheets Pre-MBA mathematics include linear and matrix algebra and differential calculus
最出名的 Gain a basic understanding of business concepts or as a taste of the MBA 简单,快速有效的 可信的 & 分级与记录
不理想的 Proving analytical readiness to top MBA program admissions Showing advanced analytical readiness 有限的时间内场景
有趣的事实 核心成员都是Facebook群组的成员,HBX的版主也是群组的成员. Some MBA programs either require or recommend MBA数学 to their students. 凯洛格商学院(Kellogg)和布斯商学院(Booth)是榜单前10名中仅有的两所商学院,它们鼓励学生为MBA数学课程做准备,尽管这门课程在入学时并非出于评估目的. 这是最初的替代文字记录选项,早在其他两个选项之前就开始了.

请求免费咨询 from a SBC Principal to get guidance on if we recommend an ancillary course


近年来,显示定量准备的必要性已变得更加突出. MBA programs have attracted a broader array of students, often from non-traditional backgrounds, 专业和学术. 在大学里数学知识有限的申请者需要找到其他方法来证明他们能够处理量化课程.

在我们的客户端池中, those with liberal arts college backgrounds have tripled in the recent seasons. 一个真正的整体, 多样化的, and balanced student class is what every top business program seeks to recruit. 但非传统申请者仍必须证明,他们能够在顶级商学院的分析性教育环境中茁壮成长.

Many MBA programs have become test-optional, and that trend has placed more emphasis on other ways to show analytical rigor. 在线学习是教育领域一个令人兴奋的新前沿,通过辅助性或替代课程在MBA招生中发挥作用.


2014年推出, 哈佛商学院在线准备就绪证书(CORe)是一个为许多学生提供哈佛教育的创新理念. 这门课程价格昂贵,要求很高. 学生学到了很多, 但这仍然是一所函授学校,它提供的证书没有实际的成绩或成绩单. The 哈佛商学院的核心 used to be called HBx CORe, 它取代了之前的mba前分析课程(又名“数学营”),为被哈佛商学院录取的诗人和艺术家,或任何希望在第一年之前温习的人开设的课程.

据史黛西·布莱克曼咨询团队的前哈佛商学院招生官说, 运行哈佛商学院的核心课程的院系认为,与实际的HBS MBA学生人数相比,它针对的是竞争力较弱的学生. The CORe facilitators rarely interact with the HBS MBA education team. 对于HBS的MBA招生, 通常, only accredited classes are considered, and we don’t believe that CORe is accredited.

到目前为止, 我们估计有35个,超过000人参加了CORe课程, and many have since matriculated at top full-time, 两年的MBA项目,比如哈佛商学院. But the HBS brand attached to this online CORe course may be an illusion. 如果你在看哈佛商学院的核心,它会给你增加进入美国前10名MBA项目的机会, 再想想.

Most of our SBC team won’t recommend 哈佛商学院的核心 to our clients, but some applicants come to us having already taken it. “如果已经有人申请了, I don’t think CORe does as well as an easy substitute for the hard quant classes, such as those from UCLA / UC Berkeley extension,贝丝与我们的SBC团队分享道.


但对于那些提前计划攻读MBA的人来说,哈佛商学院的核心还是有一定价值的. 贝斯指出, “If an applicant is coming from a very non-traditional background, it might demonstrate that they have a sincere interest in pivoting towards business. 或者,如果有人想试水,(“我甚至会喜欢MBA教授的主题吗?”) or planning far ahead in what they could do to get ready for an MBA, maybe this is something they could work on.”



MBAmath was initially designed for admitted MBA students. MBAmath的创始人, 大多数被录取学生的平均完成时间是25小时, 10/90的范围是10-45小时. Applicants needing quant prep would tend to the higher end.

MBAMath is the least expensive and also the least rigorous. “我有一些客户在一个星期内完成了它,”贝丝与我们的SBC团队分享. “你可以重复这些模块,直到你在测试中获得100%的分数(MBA AdCom知道这一点)。. I find it is good for people who have some quant on their transcript, but maybe aren’t using math in their job. Or they had a dip to a B/C grade in a college math class. This works for applicants who want to show that they’ve taken a refresher.” 

与此同时, 土卫四, a Senior Consultant on the Stacy Blackman Consulting team, shared,

“参加大学商业数学课程是缓解对申请人数学/量化技能和知识的担忧的最佳选择之一. 对于那些不愿意或没有足够时间上课的客户,那么MBAmath.Com是一种快速、实惠的选择,可以缓解对量化的担忧(但它不是“万能药”.”) We tailor our recommendations according to the applicant’s transcript, 工作经验和考试成绩.”

UC Berkeley / UCLA Math for Management extension classes 

Berkeley and UCLA offer college math classes, 比如管理数学, through their online extension programs. The courses result in an official transcript with grades. 你必须在几个月的时间内完成它(你不能把它塞到一个星期里), 还包括家庭作业. The cost is $800 – $1000, and you must finish within six months. It’s a big commitment and is the best fit for applicants in specific scenarios.






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